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Our Purpose

The Primary Care Business Council (PCBC) is a membership body formed to advocate on the critical issues impacting the sustainability of Primary Care from the perspective of General Practice providers.

Formed in 2022, we offer a single voice for all independent operators, regardless of size and location.


We have unique insights and perspectives into ongoing viability and sustainability of general practice, the needs of patients and communities; and the challenges facing its workforce (GPs, Nurses, and Allied Health).


Our membership comprises 13 providers representing nearly 800 General Practices across all states and territories who share a commitment to ensuring General Practice is an attractive profession that delivers timely access to primary healthcare for all Australians, now and into the future.


As practice owners, we play a vital and integral role in the delivery of primary care and are positioned to advise and affect meaningful change. 


Our position means we have insight and informed data from a cross-section of Primary Care providers around the country, meaning we can identify trends and accurately forecast changes occurring within our sector.
Our purpose is to use this data to inform and collaboratively work with Government and other industry bodies to deliver significant and sustainable evidence-based improvements to Primary Care that maintain patient access and help ease pressure on the broader healthcare system.

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